Port Hueneme church of Christ

Overcoming One Another

Acts 11:27-30

by Mason French

  • Introduction
    • 1. Companies evaluate employees
      • A. Some companies ask exployees to evaluate self
    • 2. Evaluation important in every field
    • 3. Strengths and weaknesses present challenge to people of God
    • 4. We are looking at the challenges to the local congregation
    • 5. Acts 11:19-30
      • A. How does this apply to us?
  • I. All of Us at Times Need Help
    • A. Physical
    • B. Spiritual
    • C. Emotional
    • D. Spiritual needs and spiritual things
  • II. Acts 11 Two Kinds of Christians:
    • A. Those in need
    • B. Those who can help
    • C. Two simple applications:
      • 1. Important to know about each other
      • 2. To be there for each other
  • III. Another Application
    • A. We need to be concerned about brethren in other places
  • IV. Important Principles
    • A. Christians help others by sending to elders
    • B. Benevolence is not a business
    • C. Judgment must always be exercised
    • D. Antioch did what they could
    • E. Sent directly to the church
    • F. Receiving church properly cared for the problem
    • G. God's plan works -- follow pattern
    • H. Tremendous blessing to be member of local congregation

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