Port Hueneme church of Christ

Israel's Mistake

Romans 10:1-11

by Mason French

  • Introduction
    • 1. Sad to think of people praying for those that think they are right
    • 2. Many sincere people are wrong
    • 3. Praying for those known as "God's people"
  • I. Paul Prayed For Israel's Salvation
    • A. Prayer from the heart
    • B. Prayer followed prayer of Christ
    • C. Prayer not for national salvation
  • II. They Had a Zeal for God
    • A. They were not apathetic
  • III. Their Zeal for God Not According to Knowledge
    • A. Ignorant of God's righteousness
      • 1. God's plan for making man righteous (Romans 1:16-17)
    • B. Of two approaches to justification, Israel took the wrong one

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